How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping is calculated during the checkout phase based on the address entered during registration or by entering it manually. You can calculate the cost of shipping at any time, even without registering, by inserting a product in the cart.

Did you get the wrong package?

We apologize for the error and inconvenience this caused. Contact us immediately and we will resolve the problem. Please send us an email with the product photo attached so that our staff can verify the error. Subsequently, as of your will, we will proceed to refund or send the exact product!

Did you receive the damaged, broken or tampered package?

We ship the goods packed in cartons with vegetable chips inside to cushion any shocks taken during the journey or in padded envelopes with further protection of the object wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap.

Despite all the precautions, it may happen that during the journey the package / envelope gets damaged and arrives damaged. In the event that the package / envelope arrives wet, broken or with evident signs of tampering, please do not accept it or accept it with reserve.

By accepting and signing for the collection of a package / envelope arrived at its destination with signs of tampering, the customer assumes responsibility for the content. In this case, our shop would not be required to assume any kind of responsibility and refund broken products arrived in cartons obviously damaged or not original from the company itself.

In the event that you decide to still accept the package / envelope even if it is damaged, please immediately send us accurate photos of the damage that the package / envelope reports in order to evaluate a possible complaint to the courier and to evaluate the conditions for a refund or for sending the products.

Insured shipping.

It is not possible to request insured shipping.

Shipping to the floor, by appointment or in disadvantaged areas.

It is possible to request this type of shipment with an additional supplement. For information on costs, do not hesitate to contact us!

Times of receipt of the goods.


The package will be prepared and shipped within 24 working hours by express courier and will be delivered, barring unforeseen events, within 24/48 working hours from shipment.

Delivery times may be extended for Sicily, Sardinia and the smaller islands.


The package will be prepared and shipped within 24 working hours by express courier. Delivery times are indicated in the table above.

At the time of shipment, you will be sent an email with the shipment information, including the tracking code, which you can use to track and constantly monitor your package.

Attention! The preparation of the package will be taken into consideration only after payment has been received. If the payment is made by bank transfer in advance, the package will be prepared only upon arrival of the transfer. If you are in a hurry to receive your order, we recommend that you pay via PayPal or credit cards processed by Paypal.

How to track the package?

Using the tracking code you will receive via email, you can track your package at any time from the page of the courier selected at the time of the order.
If you have not received the email, check the spam section or contact us and we will send it again.

Didn't receive the package?

If the package has not arrived at its destination and several days have passed since the date of shipment, please check the status of the shipment (see previous point).