Multicolored jellyfish kromo - psychedelic soft soap

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  • Ideal for face, body and underwear
  • With surfactants of vegetable origin
  • Based on seaweed and sugar
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Multicolored jellyfish kromo - Soft psychedelic soap with the scent of cotton candy.

The Medusa is a totally ecological and biodegradable NO FOAM soap, free of substances of animal origin, without preservatives and allergens, with physiological PH, based on seaweed and sugar from which the ecological surfactant which is the basis of its capacity comes. washing. Suitable for daily cleansing of the face, delicate and sensitive parts of the body. It is ideal for children, for reactive, reddened, flaky, irritated and stressed skin from atmospheric agents, UV rays, chemical agents and overly aggressive traditional cleansing. It is an adjuvant in psoriasis and atopic allergies. The algae create a structure rich in vitamins, antioxidants, mineral salts, proteins and essential fatty acids. They perform important functions such as hydration, emolliency, purification and cell turnover.

The PSYCHEDELIC Jellyfish KROMO is colorful, each one has different colors, different shades, so that it is unique and unrepeatable like a small unexplored planet. It has a very greedy scent that recalls the party, the symposium, the carnival, the nightlife, the rainbow.

Directions for use: How is it used? It should be used as a sort of sponge: after having moistened it with water, it is passed on the body, specifically on reactive and delicate skin. From the first use, if used daily, it is recommended to use up to 3 months. Once used, it should be placed in the soap dish.
It looks like a small soft, hemispherical, ergonomic stone, fits in the palm of the hand and is rubbed from the flat side. The washing principle is contained in the texture and is gradually released in the presence of water and rubbing.
It is not consumed like a traditional soap, it does not shrink, but the product exhausts its washing power. It must be protected from heat sources or thermal changes that can alter its structure and quality.
Colors: natural inorganic salts.
Fragrance: essential oils or allergen-free fragrances.

INCI: aqua maris, sucrose, glyceryn, caprylyl / myristyl glucoside, cocamidropropyl betaine, sodium cocoyl glutamate, xanthan gum, agar, ulva lactuca, caprylyl glycol, gluconolactone, ethylhexylglycerin, mica, parfum

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120 g
Cotton candy
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All types

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